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  • Joy

    Ryan Hall is known as the fastest US Marathoner in History. When people within the endurance world discuss his career, they often bring up his commanding win in the 2008 US Olympic Trials, or his amazing 2:04 effort to finish 4th at the Boston Marathon in 2011, which still holds as the current US marathon record.

    A race that most people do not recall is his 2:08 finish at the Boston Marathon in 2011 to finish 4th. This was an unusual finish. As the top guys made their turn onto Boylston street for the finish, Hall was gaining on third. And truth be told, a podium spot was his for the taking. As spectators rallied behind Hall, and cheered him on fully expecting him to take third, Hall slows down. Not because he had no kick, but he intentionally slows, stretches out his arms as if her were an airplane, and begins to run in zig zags. Everyone watching was bewildered. Why would he do this? Why would he throw away a podium spot at the most prestigious marathon in the world? Ryan takes his 4th place finish with a smile on his face.

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