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Bicycle fit is the most important thing with cycling.  A good fitting will ensure that you are able to ride comfortably while maximizing efficiency and speed.

Everyone who purchases a bike from Endorphin Fitness will receive a complimentary sizing which will ensure you are safe and comfortable on your bike. We encourage everyone who rides a bike to go the extra step and get a custom fitting done. This is a 2 to 3 hour process which begins with a consultation to assess your goals, past injuries, current discomfort, range of motion, riding experience and more. Our expert fitter will then apply principles of physiology and biomechanics to tailor a customized position specifically for you.  This process will create your ideal position which can be applied to your current and new bike.   You will be more efficient, more comfortable, and safer than ever before.

All fits include two follow-up adjustments within the first 6 months to make sure your fit is perfect.  Bike fits are performed by Andrew Wolak, who has over 15 years of experience fitting all types of cyclists including road enthusiasts, road racers, triathletes, and mountain bikers.  Read his bio >>

To schedule your bike fit, please call our shop at 804-741-1599.

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