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Bike Fit & Testing


Our expert coaches use proven technology to give you the analysis you need to make decisions with your training and ultimately reach your potential.  Testing options include:

  • Bike Fit – Using the Serotta Fit Bike and fit-specific software, our expert fitters dial in your perfect position to either make modifications to your existing bike or help you choose the perfect bike.
  • VO2 Max Testing – Establishes run or cycle VO2 Peak, Anaerobic Threshold, individual heart rate zones, and key workouts needed to improve.  
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Testing – RMR testing establishes the amount of calories you burn daily at rest to accurately dial in your nutrition plan.  
  • Technique Analysis – Using slow-motion video analysis, expert coaches pinpoint any inefficiencies in your swim, cycle, or run technique and take you through drills to correct.  
  • Strength & Mobility Testing – We have a specific protocol which uses the infamous Functional Movement Screen to pinpoint weaknesses in order to maximize efficiency and minimize injury.

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